We strive to play a pioneering role in performing research in the field of self and personality development in continuing vocational education. A deeper understanding of the conditions, approaches and consequences of self and personality development processes facilitates the targeted development of didactic methods and education concepts.

homezentrumThrough interdisciplinary and international co- operation, as well as cooperation with real-world practice, developments in continuing vocational education will be recognized early.

In studies and teachings, we pursue the aim of preparing students for successful employment in the national or international practice of continuing vocational education, or for a scientific position in this area of education research.



We focus on researching the architecture of self-determination in adults. From this starting point, we can closely examine questions related to
procedures, conditions and consequences of educational processes in continuing vocational education and develop sustainable methods and concepts.


We offer students the opportunity to cooperate early in research processes. Our network with co- operation partners enables stu- dents to obtain insight into real-world practice.

We provide plenty of freedom for creative work.